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ASL Interpreters Needed [24 Jun 2012|11:59am]

ASL interpreters needed for summer at Camp Little Notch. There is one Deaf staff member and at least two Deaf campers per one week session. We are still seeking interpreter coverage for the three week summer session with the campers, and the 4 day post camp. The dates for the camper sessions and post camp are June 30-July 24th. It would be optimal if someone could come for the entire three weeks, but if you can commit to three days or over please contact us immediately! This would be a perfect opportunity for a senior or recent graduate of an ITP looking for some hands up experience!

The Breakdown

Who: ITP Seniors, recent ITP grads, working precerts, certified interpreters
Where: Camp Little Notch, Fort Ann, NY
What: Check out www.camplittlenotch.org- In summary we are an awesome social justice camp for girls in the Adirondacks with an 80 acre private pond.
When: Any three or more day clump between the dates of June 30th and July 24th 2012
How Much: This is volunteer, BUT you can stay at the camp for free and eat for free. Also, if you are a parent, guess what? We're a camp for girls! If you have a daughter you can bring her and we will lovingly provide childcare.
Contact: Jo Lum jo@friendsofcln.org if you have questions, concerns or want to schedule dates to come.
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Hey Everyone [15 Dec 2008|01:27am]
I just joined this community wanted to say HIIIIIIII

I am a ASL Interp student, hearing, here in California. I plan on transferring to Gallaudet in a few years once I have finished the interpreting program at my current school. I am coming to visit the campus in April for the open house cant wait!!!!!  My friend and I are going to stay in the dorms!!! Ok done being a geek!

Have a great holiday everyone!

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YouTube Captioning! [05 Sep 2008|12:33am]

[ mood | excited ]


August 28, 2008  |  Posted by: The YouTube Team  |  Permalink

New Captions Feature For Videos

Here at YouTube, we're always trying to find new ways to enrich your viewing experience and to help video creators reach a wider audience. As part of this goal, we've added a new captioning feature which allows you to give viewers a deeper understanding of your video. Captions can help people who would not otherwise understand the audio track to follow along, especially those who speak other languages or who are deaf and hard of hearing.

You can add captions to one of your videos by uploading a closed caption file using the "Captions and Subtitles" menu on the editing page. To add several captions to a video, simply upload multiple files. If you want to include foreign subtitles in multiple languages, upload a separate file for each language. There are over 120 languages to choose from and you can add any title you want for each caption. If a video includes captions, you can activate them by clicking the menu button located on the bottom right of the video player. Clicking this button will also allow viewers to choose which captions they want to see.

Some of our partners have already started using captions to offer you a better understanding of their videos (even with the audio turned off):

- BBC Worldwide: captions are provided in five different languages on this clip from Top Gear.
- CNET: tech product reviews from CNET's Crave blog.
- UC Berkeley: footage from the Opencast Project Open House.
- MIT: full lectures on subjects like Physics.
- Gonzodoga: English subtitles on this awesome Japanese animation.

We hope captions will serve to tighten the YouTube community by bringing together international users from different cultures.
We're excited to see what kinds of fun and creative uses for captions you'll be coming up with for your videos!

For more information about how to use captions, visit this page.
The YouTube Team

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Gallaudet for the summer! [30 Jun 2008|07:40pm]

well I made it to Gallaudet for summer school. I am here now staying in the Clerc hall dorm.

thank you to those of you who gave me advice in past posts. I did not make it into grad school here this year, but I am enjoying the summer sessions and I will try again next year.

Are any of you on campus right now? curious.
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Deaf Episode [30 Mar 2008|11:55pm]
Did anyone see 'Cold Case' tonight on CBS?
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[10 Feb 2008|09:32am]

Right now, we have huge issue with AGBELL's letter to Pepsi. If you are unsure about that, I suggest you go www.deafread.com. Catch up on your deafnews!

Now, I dont know if all of you have been to RIT campus or you have and might overlooked. Or you have noticed that RIT have a dorm named after Alexander Graham Bell.

Bell dorm has a plaque that say about his accomplishments and so on.. one thing that really bothers me the most is that NTID still follow and copy his ideas today (i dont memorize the exact wordings).

AGBell's ideas:
Deaf people cannot marry each together (to prevent making more deaf babies and prevent from spreading ASL)
Deaf people cannot become teachers (because deaf teachers cannot correct deaf student's speeches and prevent from teaching ASL)

in the bottom line, he do not support deaf people to use ASL.

so anyway.. i need your help to sign this petition..
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my first visit to Gallaudet [28 Nov 2007|11:05pm]

well early this week was my first trip ever to Gallaudet.
It is really beautiful! I really enjoyed it.

I am shy so I didn't talk much to anyone except a couple faculty that I visited. I did meet one wonderful gallant young man though, who helped me figure out how to use the shuttle system to get over to Union Station. My first time in DC, I was pretty much overwhelmed. :)

I thought the school was wonderful, and I'm going to start working on my application.

I am going to look into living on campus in the dorm, and I'm a master's student, does anyone have recommendations for which dorm? or do they just assign you?

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Racial Incident at MSSD [13 Oct 2007|08:53pm]

[ mood | worried ]


x-posted to pipersign 

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Visiting Gallaudet [28 Sep 2007|08:13am]

I am hearing, and I'm hoping to apply to Gallaudet's Interpreter Training program next year. I am going to be in the Maryland area around Thanksgiving, and I was hoping to visit Gallaudet and get a feel for the campus. Does anyone know which days (if any) the campus will be closed for thanksgiving break? Does anyone have suggestions on campus sights or events that I should definitely check out while I'm there?

Also, does anyone have recommendations of good community colleges in Maryland for me to continue my ASL study (until I can get admitted to Gallaudet!)?

thank you so much!
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Focus group: get paid for your opinion [14 Aug 2007|05:41pm]

I'm running a focus group for a DC non-profit. We're looking for a few college students who will give us 90 minutes of their time in exchange for free dinner and a little cash. (It's for a good cause!) If that's you, please see this Craigslist post.

Please pass on to anyone who might be interested.


x-post to various college communities
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Enrichment Day [02 Aug 2007|07:10pm]
This might be a silly question but does anyone know if Gallaudet will have Enrichment Day?  I just checked the university's calendar and found no mention of it.

Was it canceled due to the protest last year still, it has been postponed to spring, or what?

Mucho gracias,

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Gallaudet Protest is on the homepage of Yahoo! [12 Oct 2006|12:12pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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PAH! [10 Oct 2006|11:50pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I have a proclamation to make: I believe President Al Simone isn't hearing enough. Yes, you heard me. He is a racial son-of-a-bitch who never promotes bigotry in the deaf world. RIT could do without a man who has full support of the minorities here - we need someone who can stir up anger! angst! and most of all, deafism!!! That's right, you heard me; a man who respects our culture deserves to be overthrown - now, who is with me?!

I am planning to hold a unified protest in the LBJ building (RIT's version of your HMB bldg), and we shall erect scores upon scores of pretty colorful tents! Everyone will be able to walk on the second floor and marvel at our pretty tents as they try to reach their classrooms...but can't! Their gaze will be directed to the countless (3 or 4 for now) students playing poker and Halo on the classroom TVs they stole out of their VERY OWN HOMEROOM! (Once I learn what a homeroom is, I shall inform you fellow friends).

Imagine it, in all of it's glorified pretense, a hall... yes, a HALL with the very same handwritings from all of your fellow classmates making a mockery of President Simone! The sheer torture of bad grammar and atrocious spelling ought to be enough to overthrow the dictator himself! And the kicker? Once the President abides by our civil demands, we shall hence remove all garbage cans in the facility so that no one will be able to throw away the posters - creating total chaos!

As for the contract? An ultimatum. Yes, a lengthy paper in which President Simone will moan and twitch involuntarily as he removes the sweat from his brow (bad grammar will do that to a sane man) and forcibly read the ultimatum. He offers no remorse as he gleefully endorses a legally binding contract, thus forcing him to wear cochlear implants! OMGWTF are you serious?! Yes, we shall make our damn deaf dumb-ass President wear cochlear implants because we believe he needs to be the shining role model in our minuscule lives - never mind that Presidents have little to nil solemn duties to preform. The public must be taught!

Items included on the Ultimatum:
1) President Simone will, undoubtedly, receive a cochlear implant. No discussion.
2) All incoming students will be required to take grammar classes and hence, we may finally be able to count the number of grammar proficient students on our hands.
3) Unrestricted access to all the emails between our janitors and campus safety. We want to know what sort of rumors they are spreading.
4) All interpreters will be required to wear XXL tie-dye shirts and large Jamaican hats with long dreads.
5) The pretty tents must remain, because they are pretty.
6) We need someone impartial to ensure that President Simone becomes more hearing; preferably someone like Chuck Norris must be present to kick-ass if necessary.
7) All students will henceforth be required to take Matrix Calculus in Thermodynamics of Aerospace Engineering courses.

These, and all stated requirements, will be signed by President Simone (if not, then we shall induce a comatose-like stage and have a quirky legal secretary witness his signature). Our voices shall be heard!

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Residence Hall Linens [30 Jul 2006|12:36pm]

I got a letter in the mail saying that the beds in Gallaudet residences are extra-long, and that we should buy our linens from www.rhl.org. I do need new linens myself as my blankets, pillows and sheets are getting raggedy. But I want to know if I'll be getting my money's worth 'cause RHL looks like overpriced crap. Does RHL really make sheets that fit? Or would any ol' Ikea fitted sheet do the job just the same?
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Myths? [23 Jul 2006|02:25pm]
I thought I could try posting here to see if any of you know about a myth or two at Gallaudet.

I only know this one where the coffin door at college hall curses anyone walking through cannot graduate.

Are there any others?

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Locks of Love is a SCAM! [22 Jul 2006|12:05pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

You know traditionally in Gallaudet, there's always a bald day when freshmen students shaved their hair bald and donate it to a good cause called Locks of Love, right? It was a cunning smart move to make sure Gallaudet doesn't ban that due to hazing policy, right? LOL!  Well, guess what guys! Locks of love is a scam! Why??? Read on, I just copied it and pasted it for you guys to read it.

When I first read about Diane Lane chopping off 8 inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love - I begrudingly had to admit that this actress donated her boring hair to a great cause.

However, when I looked into Locks of Love I discovered some disturbing facts:

* Locks of Love receives more hair that they actually use to make wigs for cancer patients.
* Locks of Love SELLS the suplus hair for CASH! How much are they selling the hair for? In 2005, they sold $352,401 of hair!
* Most of the hair donated does not end up on a child's head. It ends up being sold to commercial wigmakers.

Add on the fact, that women who spend years growing out gorgeous, beautiful hair get nagged by rude idiots to cut it off and donate to this scam charity. Do people with nice shoes get hounded to donate them to shoeless orphans? Yet for some reason, so many people get duped into donating their hair to this organization. With all the publicity surrounding the people who donate hair, why do we never see the cancer-stricken children who receive the hair?

If you really want to help people with cancer, donate to the American Cancer Society.


I think if you're going to have your hair cut and shave your hair bald... That you took care for so long, suffered bad hair days, spent tons of money on it, and some of you guys might considered your hair is the most prize your body can give you or somethign like that, you'd want to donate your hair to a worthy charity that doesn't sell your hair to some stupid suplus hair and earn some money as a profit. Isn't that rude?! You'd probably want to make sure your hair goes to hairless cancer victims, right? Just thought you guys would like to know about it.


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Gallaudet: Selling my things [03 May 2006|02:20am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hello everyone,

I realize that this is a controvosial time across Kendall Green, what with the protests and all, but I have a lot of things with me, and I'd like to sell some of them to you. This is my first time doing a transcation, so bear with me!

What I'm Selling:
Read more...Collapse )

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The Next Gallaudet President! [01 May 2006|08:38pm]

From the newsroom of the Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Monday, May 1, 2006 .....

Gallaudet Names New President

By Susan Kinzie
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, May 1, 2006; 6:24 PM

The selection of a new president of Gallaudet University, the nation's only liberal arts university for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, sparked a student walkout and protest today at the school's campus in Northeast Washington.

Students objected to the appointment of Jane Fernandes, who is deaf and is currently the university's provost, because she did not grow up using American Sign Language. Some students also criticized Fernandes for not having warm relations with students.

Within moments, hundreds of students had blocked the main gates of the campus. Some shouted. Some scrawled angry words on their bare stomachs in thick black paint. Others climbed onto stone fences to sign to the growing crowd. Hands flying in American Sign Language, they roared, "We want to be heard!"

The presidency of Gallaudet is a position carrying enormous weight for many as the symbolic center of the deaf community.

Fernandes replaces I. King Jo rdan, 62, who was the first deaf person to lead the 141-year-old school. When a hearing president was named in 1988, a deaf rights movement erupted. Students marched to the White House, the Capitol and the Mayflower Hotel, where trustees were meeting, and demanded a "Deaf President Now." Jordan eventually got the job.

Although all the finalists for the presidency this time were deaf, the . But the selection was still divisive. Some complained that the board once again was ignoring the campus community; some decried the lack of racial diversity; some wanted a "truly deaf" president, one who grew up without hearing and spoken language.

For Fernandes, the criticism often centered on personality: Many said she was cold and aloof and condescending. "She doesn't say 'hi'," one student's poster read.

The students quickly came up with a new rallying cry: "Better president now."

The selection of a new president was followed closely not only on campus but a round the world by Web logs, which were filled with emotional debate.

The other two finalists were Stephen F. Weiner, associate professor in the department of communication studies at Gallaudet and Ronald J. Stern, superintendent and chief executive office of the New Mexico School for the Deaf in Santa Fe, N.M.

Jordan will step down in December.© 2006 The Washington Post Company
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[22 Apr 2006|08:36pm]

U know how the old adage "a picture can say a thousand words" goes by? In this case only two words sums up the picture.

Pure sweetage!

check out engadget.com for more information! It was definitely worth it not getting both of its predecessors. The best feature about this generation is that it supports multiple Instant Messaging programs! w00t
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The Next Gallaudet President! [15 Apr 2006|03:00pm]

[ mood | curious ]

As of April 13, 2006, the Gallaudet University Presidential Search Committee Chair Pamela Holmes have announced the three finalists who are as follows: Jane Fernandes, Ronald Stern, and Stephen Weiner.

Who do you hope will become the next Gallaudet University president?

Also X-posted to Deaf community

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