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Gallaudet University


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welcome to gallaudet university community.

yes, i am inviting everyone, NITD/RIT, CSUN, or others colleges/universities can be on this community to share your advices, experiences, questions, etc etc. we all will be here and try to answer your questions.

and, i know you guys dont want to hear this. it may sound like so elementary school. but i have to set up the rules to be on the community. i have the right to remove you off if your not doing the right thing on this community. i may warn you. i may remove you. so, keep this community friendly. :D

you can share those on this gallaudet community

  • gallaudet news

  • clubs/events

  • sports/scores

  • experiences

  • questions

  • pictures in lj-cut only, please

you can't share those on this gallaudet community

  • quizzes. we dont care if your a strawberry flavored.

  • telling that other schools are better than gallaudet.

  • threaten someone

  • dont express your feelings about other livejournal users on gallaudet community.

  • telling bad things about other people

  • thank you.

    more coming soon.