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Locks of Love is a SCAM!

You know traditionally in Gallaudet, there's always a bald day when freshmen students shaved their hair bald and donate it to a good cause called Locks of Love, right? It was a cunning smart move to make sure Gallaudet doesn't ban that due to hazing policy, right? LOL!  Well, guess what guys! Locks of love is a scam! Why??? Read on, I just copied it and pasted it for you guys to read it.

When I first read about Diane Lane chopping off 8 inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love - I begrudingly had to admit that this actress donated her boring hair to a great cause.

However, when I looked into Locks of Love I discovered some disturbing facts:

* Locks of Love receives more hair that they actually use to make wigs for cancer patients.
* Locks of Love SELLS the suplus hair for CASH! How much are they selling the hair for? In 2005, they sold $352,401 of hair!
* Most of the hair donated does not end up on a child's head. It ends up being sold to commercial wigmakers.

Add on the fact, that women who spend years growing out gorgeous, beautiful hair get nagged by rude idiots to cut it off and donate to this scam charity. Do people with nice shoes get hounded to donate them to shoeless orphans? Yet for some reason, so many people get duped into donating their hair to this organization. With all the publicity surrounding the people who donate hair, why do we never see the cancer-stricken children who receive the hair?

If you really want to help people with cancer, donate to the American Cancer Society.


I think if you're going to have your hair cut and shave your hair bald... That you took care for so long, suffered bad hair days, spent tons of money on it, and some of you guys might considered your hair is the most prize your body can give you or somethign like that, you'd want to donate your hair to a worthy charity that doesn't sell your hair to some stupid suplus hair and earn some money as a profit. Isn't that rude?! You'd probably want to make sure your hair goes to hairless cancer victims, right? Just thought you guys would like to know about it.

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